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What is a single Fax?
A single fax is the typical fax you would normally insert into your fax machine and that would arrive at its destinations a few seconds later.
This process is repeated millions of times in millions of offices every day.
And even for this simple process Abacus offers a lot of services.

But what if I want to send the same fax multiple times?
Then you'd have to spend 10 minutes at the Fax machine!
Of course Abacus offers an easier solution. By separating the different recipient's destination numbers in the 'to:' field (in combination with the domain name, as is described later on) by a comma ( , ) you will be able to send the same fax to multiple recipients. This method is perfectly suited to send out multiple contracts to different customers or to send out last-minute invitations to a birthday party.
This method can be easily be used for 10 - 20 recipients. Should you have more recipients you wish to send the same Fax to then it is recommended you use our Broadcast-fax (mass-fax) system.

ATTENTION! Some email-software configures the emails in a kind that we get a separate email for each faxnumber, but with all your faxnumbers in From-field. If this happens our faxserver sends a lot of mails to each faxnumber. Before you use this feature, please make a test with only 2 faxnumbers and wait what happens. If each fax-machine get more than one fax, please do NOT use this feature.
How do I send a single Fax?
There are a few ways to achieve this:
1. Send it through our html-fax-center (or Webfax for short).
Fill out the simple form and enter the recipient(s) fax number in the following format: In the field where it say Instead of FAXNUMBER add the fax number of the recipient, including country code, area- or city code. For example a recipient in Frankfurt Germany (area code 69 and country code 49) with the fax number 12345678 would yield the code:
2. Send it via an email account
It is possible to save an email address with our Fax service that can be used to send Faxes. This email address can then be used to send Faxes in the following manner:
Add the information you want to send to the text field and then as recipient enter following the same steps as described in 1. For example in order to send a fax to a recipient in Frankfurt Germany (area code 69 and country code 49) with the fax number 12345678 we would have to enter the code into the recipient field of our email program. The 'from' field of your email program must contain the address you registered with Abacus in order to be able to send a fax.
To send a document
Fill out the 'to' field of your email and attach the file you wish to send. Even though the subject field can be left blank it is recommended you fill it out anyway. The subject will not be sent with the fax but will greatly simplify your search for a specific Fax you may have sent in the Fax reports and billing documents. It is not advisable to enter additional text in the text-field of your email. This text will be transmitted with the Fax and will result in an extra page being generated specifically for the text you added (in addition to the document you sent. This can result in longer transmission time and higher transmission cost.
The 'to' field is filled out exactly as described under Send it via an email account (reminder where FAXNUMMER is your recipients fax number preceded by country and area code).

Which file formats can I attach to my email?
Below you will find a short listing of files you can attach to your email that are currently capable of being sent as a Fax. The files are separated by graphical and text file formats:


HTML formats are being prepared. Large graphic files can regularly cause problems due to limited resolution of Fax machines and should be avoided whenever possible. It is easiest to use the Printer- and Fax drivers supplied by us. These drivers will always produce a complete fax with an appropriate fax tiff file attachment and will work through practically every windows program. This tiff file is automatically optimised for Fax transmission saving you the time and trouble of thinking about attaching the correct file format. The fax and printer drivers will also allow for the transmission of HTML pages.
Adding multiple different file formats to a fax is allowed. It is however important to know that if any of these file formats is not valid (see list above) then the entire Fax will be cancelled.

Always enter a descriptive text in the subject field of your email. This text is NOT transmitted together with the Fax but will help identify separate emails later on.
It is highly recommended to keep the text field (body) of your email empty. The text entered there will be added to the final fax and can result in extra pages added to the fax. Unless you want additional text to be added to the final fax then it is recommended to keep this field empty. Please make sure your email is sent as text only not as HTML which is not recognised at this point in time.
Finally it is also recommended to disable any type of automatic signature you may have. This is generally automatically added to the body of the email by some email programs and will be transmitted in the final fax if not disabled.

What does a single fax cost?
Our low rates apply especially to single faxes! We deliver our single faxes at the same rate to Germany, the USA and several other countries for example can be sent at only
5 cent/minute.

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