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What is a personalized fax?
A personalized fax is a method to send a fax to multiple recipients without changing the actual body of the fax but making a few changes for personalising purposes. A personalized fax is in essence a broadcast-fax (mass-fax) with a few additional personalised fields which can be changed for each recipient of the fax.
A personalized fax makes it simple to allow each recipient to receive their own title, address information and even a different list of products (if applicable). In case of a personalized fax to representatives information such as total sales profit, his/her provisions or sales statistics could be added and changed for each representative.

How is a personalized fax set up?
For the moment the creation of a personalized fax can only be done via a word (.doc) document. With the options provided in word specific fields are prepared in which the additions or changes can be added upon sending. It is well-advised to become familiar with the word mail-merge options for the purpose of sending a personalized fax.
Additionally a so-called CSV file with the additional data is created, this file could look something like the one displayed below:


The first field of the table must be filled with a valid recipient number! It is furthermore important to remember that there can be no empty rows in the table and the various fields must be separated by a ';'.
This table is then added to the attachment of the fax email. In order for the fax server to accept this email the word document must be added first then the CSV file (second) otherwise the fax server will reject the fax.

Always add an appropriate subject to the subject line of your email. This information is not sent in the fax but will later help you identify the different faxes you have already sent.
It is also recommended to not add any text to the body of the email. Any text added here will cause an additional page to be created in the fax to hold any and all information entered in the body.
And finally it is important to realise that any fax email can not contain any HTML. Sending a pure HTML email or a combination of plain text and HTML will cause the fax server to reject the fax.

Where does the personalized fax have to go?
In the 'from' field of your email you will have to use the email address previously registered with Abacus otherwise the fax will be rejected.
As recipient of the email ('to' field) you will get an email-address after registration.
The fax is sent once it has been checked by our support team which will in all cases cause a slight delay. This delay can be avoided by contacting the support team a day before you wish to send the faxes. Abacus customers who already have a certain amount of proficiency in sending Faxes can request a special access code. This access code can be used to send the fax(es) without being tested by the support team and can furthermore be used 24 hours a day every day.
It is highly recommended to send a text fax to oneself before every large personalized fax (or other larger transmission) in order to be able to test the result. Our support team will gladly help you should there be a problem.
We have an around the clock support team and can guarantee an answer within 24 hours.

How many recipients can a personalized fax have?
A personalized fax can have no more than 10,000 recipients entered in the CSV file (the file that contains the recipients' information.). This means that in order to send 100,000 fax message 10 emails would have to be created.
In larger transactions it is recommended to make a couple of smaller transactions instead. Smaller transactions will send faster and in the long run be considerably faster completed than one single large message.

What does a personalized fax cost?
Our personalized fax service comes at a surprisingly low cost! Abacus delivers personalized fax 'messages' at the same rate of any other fax without extra charge for personalising the faxes. For the larger orders bulk pricing applies as is described below:

ab 5005,96,56,77,9
ab 10005,66,26,47,6
ab 25005,35,96,17,3
ab 50004,95,55,76,9
ab 100004,55,15,36,5
ab 250004,14,74,95,9
ab 500003,94,74,95,9
ab 1000003,54,74,95,9
ab 2500003,24,74,95,9
ab 5000002,94,74,95,9

The quantities always indicate the amount of fax messages in a transmission. This means that all the emails that belong to a single transmission are batched together. If large quantities are sent every year a special yearlong contract can be negotiated.

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