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General company policy

These policies apply to all services provided by Abacus-Computer Services Inc. Las Vegas.
Requests that exceed the specifications of the supplied services are possible but require written confirmation. All written confirmations are considered binding for the terms described in the written document as far as they themselves have been confirmed in writing.

Order submission
Order submission for all our services can be requested via our webpage, Fax, phone or can be submitted in writing. All orders are followed by an appropriate order confirmation and billing document.
The orders are considered accepted once the payment is completed and will, especially for orders made through the Webfax service, be followed by an additional order confirmation.
Abuse of Abacus services by using false personal information, intention of non-payment or other attempts to commit fraud will result in legal measures and damage claims.

Terms of Service
Abacus-computer Services Inc. is in all cases only responsive for its specified services. Each customer is in themselves responsible for the legal aspects involved in the usage of Abacus services.
Abacus-computer Services Inc. is permitted to provide their services to anyone who is capable of providing the correct authorisation. Misuse of a customer's authorisation codes is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Repeated payments will not be independently billed if the payment terms have not changed from previous orders. If the composition of the billing document changes (e.g. Through discontinuation of a service or a price change) a new billing document will be made and sent to the customer.

For each order with a re-occurring payment an appropriate payment agreement must be made. This agreement can be in the form of an automatic bank withdrawal, a creditcard payment or another method mutually agreed on by Abacus and the customer. If the customer insists on a different payment method additional cost of up to 5,- Euro can be charged to the customer.
Non-repetitive payments can be directly made onto the Abacus bank account or in a different way that has been mutually agreed on by both Abacus and the customer.
Einzelnachweise der Leistungen (Nachweis der Einzelgespräche oder -faxe) finden Sie mit Ihren Login-Daten im Internet.
A deposit will be paid back to the custome on request only. If an account is not canceled by the customer the deposit will be declines after one year after th last use of faxservice. Smaller amounts untill 10 Euro/US$ will not paid back. It can only used up.
If we pay back a deposit we can deduct all costs of payment before we transfer the rest of money.

Customer Notification
All customer notifications such as Payment reminders, announcement of a temporary service stop or changes of contract or other services are sent to the customer's last known email address. If there is no email address available (or has not been entered by the customer) then the notification will be sent either by Fax or conventional mail. Abacus computer Services Inc. can not be held responsible for damages caused by delayed arrival of conventional mail or Fax notifications.

Non-payment policy
In case of non-payment or delayed payment by the customer Abacus Computer Services, Inc. reserves the right to immediately cease all activities and freeze all the orders of the customer in question without prior notice.
If payment does not occur within 10 working days after the last payment date Abacus Computer Services, Inc reserves the right to (without prior notice) block and/or close the domain or account of the customer until payments are made. If there is a risk that payments will not follow for a specific service and Abacus can incur financial damages through maintaining the service for the customer the customer account can also be closed/blocked.
Existing contracts do not end through non-payment but solely through cancellation of the contract by the customer (or Abacus). The customer is held responsible for all cost incurred through this type of non-payment (creditcard or otherwise) unless Abacus computer Services Inc. committed an obvious mistake.
Any contract can be terminated without notice if back payments go unattended for longer than a month. Ten days after such a contract termination by Abacus result in the right for Abacus to delete any and all customer information stored on the Abacusserver.
In case of non-payment abacus has a rental right on all rented services such as Server, Server space, Domain rights and Data (websites and programs). Additionally all websites created by Abacus are until complete payment occurs owned by Abacus. All unauthorised usage of the before mentioned is illegal.

Contract termination
We do not attempt to keep customers by contract obligations or extensive cancellation policies but through excellent service and support. As a result all services offered by us are limited by two weeks till the end of the 'calculation period' unless otherwise specified in the service or mutually agreed on by Abacus and the customer.
The contract can be terminated by the customer via email or Fax (preferred method) and will be confirmed within 48 hours if the contract termination has arrived. After contract termination Abacus reserves the right to delete any and all files from its server and to delete the hosted domain names from the NIC-register that are related to the customer.
Abacus is legally allowed to continue a terminated contract at the expense of the customer if the customer has made a request to have a domain transferred to a diferent provider but this request has not yet taken place. Extraordinary termination rights remain unaffected by this. Fax-, mobile- and call back services can be terminated at any time. Billing and resulting administration automatically follows within 2 weeks.
There is no refund possible for the 'DE-Handy-serice'. The accumulated credits can only be used and will be automatically deleted if the application is not renewed.

Company location and legal offices
Abacus computer Services Inc. and its legal offices are located in Las Vegas/Nevada USA.

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