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Send Faxes quick and Easy!

From anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection or the possibility to send emails. Send your fax to any faxnumber in the world and only pay the cost for transmission in the recipient's country if you send it by email (or via the internet).

Save time and money

Sending from your PC will save you time and money. No walk to the faxmachine and waiting endlessly for your document to finally send.
Especially on multiple page documents in larger companies you will notice a drastic decrease in time wasted at the fax machine. Unlike other providers Abacus gives you the best price possible for international faxes and handles them with exceptional speed and accuracy.

What is meant with money-saving?

As opposed to other provides we do not calculate your cost according to the amount of faxes you send but the time you spend sending them. Which can mean 8 cent per minute for the USA or Germany. A minimum of 30 seconds is assigned for each fax and since most complete fax transmissions take 30 to 40 seconds you can pay as little as 4 cents per fax! And best of all this isn't even the lowest rate!. On bulk orders and large amounts of faxes the rate can drop by up to 6 cent per minute.
So a broadcast fax could cost as little as
3 Cent !

Time or Page cost calculation?

The opinions about the preferred method diverge greatly. But what is more fair and best for your case? But no matter our opinion about this system we will probably agree on the fact that nothing in this world is free. We can be fairly sure that even in a page by page cost determination the provider will make sure not to incur a loss by enforcing some sort of basic fee or security charge.
This of course artificially inflates the price of your fax which is exactly what Abacus is trying to avoid.
We charge you for what you use, which is the few seconds you need to send your fax!

And that's not all!...

  • NO installation fee !
  • NO monthly fee !
  • NO monthly minimum use !
  • NO cancelation time !
  • NO risk !
Just register, pay and start Faxing:
Today an order, tomorrow 10.000 personalised faxes to your customers, the day after a 20 page contract and next week maybe another 100 messages to your representatives...
Whenever you want, whatever you want...
       24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With all this benefits? - Register now, for free!

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