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FaxIn - Your own Fax number

Get your own fax number at Abacus at an extremely good price! No special number, no exaggarated rates. If your friends or your business partners send you a fax they will do this at the same rate as a regular phone call.
Whenever a fax is received on your fax number it is converted and automatically transmitted to you via email. Additionally a FaxIn log is maintained making it possible for you to check weeks and even months later when you received a specific fax. No faxmachine needed, save your money on faxpaper and you don't even have to keep your computer running all day long to avoid faxes getting lost. No more paper-jams, no more endless rolls of paper in front of the faxmachine when you return from your business trip or vacation. And best of all, the FaxIn system does not use the annoying array of blips and beeps so common to fax machines that will keep us from sleeping at night.

Can anyone use the FaxIn service?

Of course! Not only US customers make use of the Abacus Fax services but companies from all over the world use this fax service to keep their fax costs as low as possible. Currently the FaxIn fax number service is only offered in the United States and Germany, but it can be ordered by anyone in any country and used. Other FaxIn services are being made available in the Austria and other countries. Once these services have been set up you will be able to get your own fax number in those countries as well.

Your faxnumber and formats for the delivery of the Fax

Your faxnumber will have the area code of Frankfurt due to the fact that this is the location of the central fax server and will greatly resemble our own fax number
. All faxes received will be automatically delivered to you via email in TIF format (image). You have the option of changing this format to PDF.

Special service for Germany

AbacusOffice, Inc.

With which programs can you view the received Faxes?

The current generation of windows operating systems comes equipped with a variety of viewers capable of opening the standard TIF format. Typically the 'image viewer' or a program specified by you will open the file for viewing purposes. Should you for some reason not be in the possession of an image viewer program you can one by checking the links below:
For windows users:
IrfanView - a free image and pdf viewer for windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
The program makes it possible to edit TIF images.
The programs mentioned here are downloadable free of charge.

Use your local fax number for Faxing!

If you own an ISDN connection you will be able to use your own 'local' faxnumber by setting up a fax forwarding account. No one will ever know you don't even own a Faxmachine anymore. It is recommended to contact your local phone company to see if they charge extra for a service like this (which is the case in some regions).

And here they are - The lowest rates!

DurationFaxinFaxin plus
You save
1/2 Jahr24,0032.002.00
1 Jahr39,0045.004.00
Includes 500 incoming faxes monthly, FaxIn protocoll, immediate delivery.
All rates in Euro!
With all this benefits? - Register now, for free!

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