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What is a broadcast fax?

A broadcast fax is a fax that goes out to a large number of recipients at the same time (without changing content).
It is excellently suited to be used as a memo for customers, representatives or business points. A broadcast fax can be used to send a special offer or an invitation to an exposition to customers, Send menu's to regular customers or even submit press-releases.
All this with maximum exposure and in the blink of an eye.

We offer better choices for broadcast faxes!

Broadcast faxes are generally the same for each recipient, however we make it possible to add a header line to the top of each fax for each separate recipient. This headerline has room for 20 characters which can be added to the number file behind each number. Each number needs to be separated from the rest by a semicolon ( ; ).
The number file 'Liste2.num' serves as an example for a personalised header and the content can look similar to the table below:

496912345678;Mr Smith
4969791253271;Hallo Mrs Mayor

How can I create a broadcast fax?

A number of certified document formats can be used to create a broadcast fax. The table below lists the currently supported file formats:

Text Formats:Graphic Formats:

How is a broadcast fax sent?

In a broadcast fax the various fax numbers have to be added to a text file. This textfile must have the extension .num and is simply added as an attachment to the broadcast fax. Every fax number must have its own row and could result in the following table:


The above would indicate a broadcast fax to three recipients. The name of the number file (in this case liste1.num) can be chosen freely as long as the extension .num is maintained. Every broadcast fax can only have one number file attached.
Make sure there are no blank lines in the table, especially the first row must be filled with a valid fax number! To separate the various fax numbers and their header texts a semicolon ( ; ) must be used.
This table is then appended to the email. It is important to first attach the file with the document and then add the number file (.num). If this is not done correctly the broadcast fax will be automatically rejected by the fax server. Make sure to enter an appropriate description in the subject field of the email. This subject description is not sent with the broadcast fax but can later help to identify different fax messages in the log files.
It is highly recommended to leave the body of the email empty. Anything entered here will be sent with the fax and extra pages will be automatically added to the fax to hold the text in the body as needed. Additionally it is important to make sure that there is no HTML content in the email, this will cause problems with the fax server and will result in your message not being (properly) transmitted.

Where do I send a broadcast fax?

In the 'from' field of your email you will have to use the email address previously registered with Abacus otherwise the fax will be rejected.
As recipient of the email ('to' field) you will get an email-address after registration.
The fax is sent once it has been checked by our support team which will in all cases cause a slight delay. This delay can be avoided by contacting the support team a day before you wish to send the faxes. Abacus customers who already have a certain amount of proficiency in sending Faxes can request a special access code. This access code can be used to send the fax(es) without being tested by the support team and can furthermore be used 24 hours a day every day.
It is highly recommended to send a text fax to oneself before every large broadcast fax (or other larger transmission) in order to be able to test the result. Our Support team will gladly help you should there be a problem. We have an around the clock support team and can guarantee an answer within 24 hours.

How many faxnumbers can I add to an order?

A maximum of 100,000 faxnumbers can be added to the csv file. It is important to note that if you are filling a large order of 50,000 two fax broadcasts of 25,000 instead of one of 50,000 will transmit a lot faster.

What does a broadcast-fax cost?

Our chain fax service comes at a surprisingly low cost!
Please send your fax and we will make an offer immediately

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